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About KMT International

Innovative Environmental Engineering Solutions

KMT International Inc. is a California based environmental engineering and production company in the business of creating innovative technologies for the petroleum and recycling industries.

Our clients have come to depend on our thorough knowledge of methods and materials, critical to the performance of innovative technologies. Our ability to implement recommendations in a timely and cost effective manner has been unparalleled.

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Discover the MegaMacs System

KMT presents MegaMacs: the state of the art automated oil tank, reservoir and lagoon cleaning system. This system is completely mobile and energy independent, with unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to local conditions.

This unique technology is used in upstream and downstream operations for oil industries all over the world by major multinational companies. MegaMacs has a long and successful safety record, with a cleaning speed that exceeds any other technology offered on the market today. Every aspect of the cleaning procedure is performed within a compact and powerful package.

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KMT MegaMacs System
KMT waste management solutions

Delivering global solutions for waste management and much more

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MegaMacs System
MegaMacs in action
Discover the ingenious technology behind our innovative MegaMacs system - a truly unique solution for tank and reservoir cleaning.
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