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Innovative technologies for major industries

As a leading environmental engineering company our business is to resolve problems related to the cleaning of various vessels, oil sludge and drilling cuttings management, spent catalysts processing, water and waste from water treatment.

Our clients depend on us for our thorough knowledge of methods and materials, as well as our expert diagnostic abilities. We can recommend new technologies or necessary modifications to existing processes and pride ourselves on being able to implement recommendations in a timely and cost effective manner.

Creating strong partnerships for mutual growth

By forming strong, strategic partnerships with our customers, guided by integrity and mutual respect, we are able to provide superior products and services. With visionary leadership, initiative, and a resolute determination, we are dedicated to understanding and meeting our customers' individual needs, and exceeding their expectations.

Through expert technical support, system documentation, and personnel training programs, we guarantee that our customers will be able to operate and maintain their new systems efficiently with minimum downtime.

Creating strong partnerships with KMT
Better tomorrow with KMT International

A better tomorrow starts today

KMT's dedicated engineers utilize only the best, most cost effective treatment technologies and equipment to provide our clients with systems that allow reduction of regulated materials significantly below mandated concentration limits.

We continually expand our efforts and strive to educate our clients on waste minimization, waste materials recycling and, where possible, complete waste elimination programs.

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