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Thermal Desorption Systems

We offer Thermal Desorption Systems which can be used to process various materials. Specific design of the system depends not only on your technological requirements but also environmental regulations as well as local and company requirements.

Systems can process following materials:

  • Hydrocarbon contaminated soil (following oil or fuel spillages, etc.);
  • Drilling cuttings;
  • Solid fraction after processing sludge on centrifuge;
  • Sediments from oil and bunker oil tanks;
  • Spend catalysts used in oil refineries, etc.

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send us your request and we will guide you through all technical aspects pertaining to your project in order to offer you the best solution possible. We will help you to choose right equipment to fulfill your technical and economical requirements. 

Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption System

With proposed Thermal Desorption system, hydrocarbons are separated from the solids in the sludge. The treated solids/sludge may have zero residual hydrocarbons, resulting in an end product that can be disposed cost-effectively without harming environment. 

Technology overcomes many of the disadvantages associated with mechanical and other thermal technologies for desorption of hydrocarbons. Thermal process chamber is designed to have a large open capacity with low vapor exit velocity. By minimizing particulate in the vapor stream the recovered hydrocarbons are clean and can be used as fuel to heat the system or resold. 

Technology incorporates multiple heating zones along the length of the drum. This allows applying controlled heating at different temperatures within each zone of the drum. Typically, the first zone evaporates the water. The middle zones are used to remove hydrocarbons down to less than one percent, and the last zone is a polishing zone to take off heavy hydrocarbons and meet regulatory standards or customer's requirements for residual hydrocarbons.

System can be mobile should customer will require. 

Electrical Screw Thermal Desorption System

System uses an indirect thermal desorption process to remove and recycle hydrocarbons from contaminated solids. Discharged solids are safe for landfill disposal. Residual hydrocarbons can meet strictest customer requirements.

The system uses a very low speed rotation and, as a result, reducing maintenance cost.

Electrical heating elements contained within the hollow core of the screws are operated to heat the screws evenly at a controlled rate. Thermocouples are installed at the discharge end of the processor, which measures the material temperatures at the specified location. The equipment is designed airtight with nozzles for possible injection of an inert gas such as nitrogen to limit the oxygen content. 

The housing is totally insulated for minimal heat loss. An adequate number of vapor ports are installed in order to collect the off-gas emissions generated during system operation. Treatment of off-gas must remove particulates and contaminants using fabric filters and carbon adsorption procedures.

Full service provided

KMT offers comprehensive service, including:

  • Engineering, design and equipment supply;
  • Customer's sample pilot teting;
  • System startup service and personalized training;
  • Warranty and after warranty technical support.

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