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We provide superior technologies, engineering and equipment for a variety of waste management, environmental protection and cleaning needs. We offer equipment for oil sludge and oil contaminated materials management, storage tanks, pits and other vessel cleaning, oil waste treatment, and water treatment needs. Our services are targeted for the petroleum, transportation, food and chemical industries, both domestic and international. We bring a fresh and innovative approach acting as an engineering and manufacturing company as well as liaison between the end-user and other technological companies.

Comprehensive support and services

Through system development, implementation and continual support, we enable the development of business requirements and functional specifications, system design and manufacturing. We also provide functional and technical training and support to address ongoing needs.

We are experienced in combining multiple technologies and designs to create one functional system. We pride ourselves on our proven track record to effectively resolve environmental and technological problems. We are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients with successfully implementing environmentally conscious solutions.

KMT International tranining and support